2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake

As automakers try to outshine each other, the greatest burden of looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition falls on their design teams. These teams have to always put up their best efforts. One automaker who seems to always be on the driving seat of change is Toyota. The company’s Australia design team took the iconic GT86 Sports car and brainstormed various ways to make a new model out of it. Finally, inspired by their love for the outdoors, they realized that its body could be converted to a Shooting Brake version and viola, the “ 2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake ” was born.

When they showcased the design to Testsuya Tada, the GT86 head of design was so impressed that he commissioned his design team back in Japan to craft a full-size functional model.


2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Exterior

During the launch, the Australia head of design, Nicolas Hogios revealed that the design team had an animated debate on the design changes they should make to the coupe. At the end, they agreed to leave most of the outstanding GT86 design untouched.

They thus left the front fascia and most of other cues untouched and only redesigned the roof and the rear. The rear was hooked up with a tailgate that aligns with the “Shooting Brake” values. Rather than using four doors common with other “Shooting Brakes”, Toyota has retained its 2 doors leading to a car that is ideally a sports version of a wagon.

The design perfectly suits the kind of people who love going out to have fun on weekends whether hiking, riding or for water sports. They made the roof in a way it can accommodate rear passengers comfortably unlike the GT86 Coupe whose headroom is a bit constrained.  In addition, they replaced the deck-lid with a tailgate which eases access to the more spacious trunk.


2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Interior

Inside, the 2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake still accommodates five passengers. Unlike the GT86, passengers have a better shoulder and headroom as disclosed above.

However, the automaker did not disclose other interior styling cues only disclosing that the new body, as well as a different weight distribution compared to the GT86 Coupe, has made the vehicle better in cornering where it provides a more neutral feel. Testsuya Tada also revealed that the vehicle is fully functional and that it has already been tested and proven to offer the Coupe’s sports driving experience.

I think the rest of the cabin mimics the GT86 Coupe.


Interior of Toyota GT 86 Coupe

Engine Specs and performance

Toyota didn’t reveal what power-train drives the 2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake. However, considering the fact that the designers largely concentrated on giving its exterior a more functional design, most likely the model still features the same engine as the GT86 Sports car.

To support this argument, there was no mention of additional changes except for the visual modifications during the showcase. As such, I believe the “Shooting Brake” features a naturally aspirated 2.0 L, 4-cylinder engine which is rated at 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque. Similarly, the engine could be combined with a 6-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission system.


Price and release date

According to Testsuya Tada, the 2016 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake is a concept that expresses the company’s dedication to making cars that add functionality and fun to buyers.  The designer, however, observes that there is a slight chance that the model will make it to production in future. I think the hot hatch is a great design that is likely to invoke much interest from enthusiasts. I believe the automaker should at least produce a few of them in a limited series.

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