2016 Toyota S-FR

Back in October, Toyota unveiled the S-FR sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show which elicited huge interest among enthusiasts. Three months later, the Japanese automaker is set to unveil a racing version of the concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon (Japan’s SEMA) in January next year.

The vehicle is in line with Toyota’s plans to release two sports cars with one falling above and the other below the current GT 86 which sells in North America as FR-S in terms of power output. Toyota hopes to get a bigger piece of the sports car and racing segment pie with the three cars. The 2016 Toyota S-FR concept previewed the road-going car that will seat below the GT 86 while the FR-S racing concept previews the racing version.

Later on, the automaker is set to release a concept for the Supra successor. Sources intimate that the Supra successor will be built in collaboration with BMW. The SF-R is built jointly with the Gazoo Racing.


2016 Toyota S-FR Exterior

The shape of the racing concept is identical to the road-going S-FR concept; however, the racing concept is slightly larger than the latter. It stretches 4110 mm which is 110 mm longer than the road going model. Its riveted-on flares make it 40mm wider at 1735 mm. The racing concept sits 50 mm closer to the ground than its road-going sister. It is 1270 mm tall and has a wheelbase of 2480 mm.

However, the racing concept is differentiated by its aerodynamic body and all features synonymous with a full-fledged racing car. At the front, the small racer features a more aggressive grille and additional air intakes below the Toyota emblem. There is also a large splitter and a pair of canards which have replaced fog lights in the road-going model. The hood has also been restyled and features quick-release pins close to the headlamps.

At the back, the vehicle features a large diffuser, a large wing, and aerodynamic winglets on each side of the bumper as well as an exhaust pipe mounted at the center. On the sides, the little racer features slender mirrors, aerodynamic side skirts and black-painted wheels which are wrapped in Bridgestone racing tires.


2016 Toyota S-FR Interior

Toyota has not yet released any information or teaser images of the interior of the S-FR racing concept. However, knowing the seriousness the Gazoo Racing puts on the interior of their racing models, expect a full racing cockpit which could only retain the dashboard from the road-going concept.

Everything else will be replaced with lightweight materials convenient for racing. They will include; plain door panels, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and racing seats. The vehicle is also likely to feature a bespoke instrument cluster not forgetting a roll cage.



Toyota is keeping engine details of the S-FR a closely guarded secret. However, our engineers argue that based on the size of the car, the vehicle will likely feature an engine with a small displacement.

They argue that the best probable engine is a 1.5 L, 4-cylinder engine. The engine will produce around 150 hp up from 100 hp in the road-going version. They go on to predict that the engine will be paired with a race-spec manual gearbox instead of the road-version’s 6-speed gearbox.

There are also rumors about the possibility of a 1.2 L turbocharged 4-cylinder unit which currently drives some Toyota models. To improve its handling, the race-car will feature enhanced brake calipers and rotors at each of the four corners as well as a sportier suspension.


Release date

The 2016 Toyota S-FR concept was first unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show in October.  The racing concept will be unveiled next month at the Tokyo Auto Salon which runs from 15th to 17th of January.

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