2018 Toyota Century

The Toyota Century sedan has been in existence for half a century. Surprisingly, the 2018 Century is only the third generation of the model. Before the launch of the Lexus brand which saw the rise of the LS sedan, the Century was Toyota’s most luxurious automobile. Initially, the Century was targeted to compete with the Nissan President which had been launched in 1965. The model will be displayed to the public at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show which commences on 27th of this month. The sedan is however sold in Japan only. The 2018 Toyota Century sedan retains its signature classic look but its size has been expanded. The sedan will now measure 210 inches long, 76 inches wide and 59.2 inches tall. It has a wheelbase of 121.6 inches. Classic look aside, the model boasts Toyota’s latest technologies as well as luxury features.

2018 Toyota Century

2018 Toyota Century Exterior

The 2018 Toyota Century has a boxy design which it has retained ever since its initial debut. This design is quite appealing to a particular target segment of buyers. The design is however pretty weird considering no other Toyota or even Lexus sedan comes close. The century front fascia features a huge, rectangular-shaped grille that is flanked by squared-off headlights. The grille has been given a modern touch by being integrated with a complex mesh design. Like the outgoing model, the new Century wears its signature crest (Imperial House of Japan) at the center of the grille. The headlights also are rectangular in shape but their outer edges stretch onto the fenders to make them look more modern; the headlights also use an LED Array lighting technology. The bumper has a simple design; it integrates LED DRLs at the bottom.

The flanks have been redesigned significantly compared to the outgoing Century. To start with, the model is taller towards the rear to increase headroom for passengers sitting at the rear. The C-pillars are thicker. The door handles look rather modern while the side mirrors have been redesigned to enhance the aerodynamics of the car. The sedan rides on multi-spoke wheels that feature a similar crest as the one placed on the model’s front grille. The side skirts have a silver paint finish that matches with the lower part of the front as well as the rear bumpers.

The rear also has a simple look. It has rectangular-shaped LED taillights with a chrome surround. The rear bumper is also clean except for the silver finish on its lower section. The trunk-lid bears the “Century” lettering.

2018 Toyota Century Interior

The Century holds the crown as Toyota’s most lavish automobile without factoring in the Lexus brand.  The cabin is luxurious but with a simple layout. A car like this is built for the rear passengers in mind as a buyer of these kinds of models likes to be chauffeured around. On the Century, the rear seats are upholstered in 100% wool which makes the seats very soft and thus very comfortable. Those who don’t like wool can opt for soft-textured premium leather upholstery. The seats are large and feature large bolsters on either side. The headrests are also well designed to improve comfort. The rear seats have a massage function, are power adjustable and also have power adjustable leg rests. They are operated via an LCD mounted on the seats central armrest. The LCD is also used to control the air conditioning system as well as the model’s sound system (a 20-speaker premium audio system).

The lower section of the door panels features either wool or leather depending on the material selected for the seats. The upper part of the door panels features wood veneer which is also used on the armrests. Wood veneer is also used on the upper part of front seatbacks. To ensure the boss prepares before a meeting, the automaker has equipped the sedan with a writing table as well as a reading light.  There is also a rear-seat entertainment system to ensure he/she is relaxed in between meetings. The vehicle also has curtains which come in handy when the boss needs more privacy.

The front seats and door panels are also upholstered in wool or leather as well as a wood veneer.  The dash has an old-fashioned look. The center part of the dash is made of wood and the upper part is made from quality plastic. The dash also features two kinds of wood veneer (the backdrop of the dash has bright brown veneer while darker veneer is used on a smaller section at the front). The front section integrates A/C vents as well as the infotainment screen. The steering wheel and the lower section of the dash are wrapped in leather. The center stack, on the other hand, flaunts a piano black trim. The sedan is also hooked up with a digital instrument cluster; however, to bring out its old-school look, the automaker has used analog clocks.

For safety, the Century sedan comes with the Toyota Safety Sense P system as standard. The system features blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance support as well as rear cross traffic alert among others.

Engine and performance

Toyota has significantly changed the drive-train of the Century. Since its debut in 1997, the current2nd-generation Century sedan was powered by a 5.0 L, V-12 mill. However, for the new generation, Toyota has decided to use a V-8 mill but with the same displacement. The engine christened 2UR-FSE combines with a THS II hybrid system that features a power control unit that has low-loss components that help decrease electrical loss by as much as 10%. The hybrid system is supported by nickel-metal hydride as well as lithium-ion batteries. According to the automaker, the setup produces 394 hp, a huge hike from the outgoing Century’s V-12 mill that produces a mere 276 hp. Toyota has not revealed the type of transmission the model will use but expect an automatic unit (more details will be revealed when it makes its debut at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show).

The 2018 Toyota Century sedan has a customized suspension for enhanced stability and premium ride comfort. The engine mounts of the sedan have also been redesigned. There is also a 2-stage motor speed cutback system that ensures a smooth and quiet driving.

Price and release date

Toyota has not released information about the Century’s prices but considering it is a new generation, prices will certainly increase significantly. The current Century sedan has an MSRP of JPY5.77 million ($51,200). Sales of the Century will commence early next year. Like the other Century sedans, the model will only be sold in Japan.

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