Lexus UX Concept

The newly launched Audi Q2 sits pretty in the brand new niche Audi created for itself without any comparable competitor. However, Lexus is set to change that scenario soon. Reports from the automaker have confirmed that a similar crossover to the Q2 is in the offing. Actually, the automaker will showcase the model in concept form at the upcoming Paris Auto show. The crossover is arguably a shrunken NX but a very sporty one.  From the photos the automaker has released, the Lexus UX Concept will be quite a stunner on the outside. I also expect the model to be quite impressive on the inside. Read along for more information:


Lexus UX Concept Exterior and interior

The UX was created by the automaker’s European Design Center. The model showcases the design team’s excellent craftsmanship. They have taken the automaker’s bold design language to a higher level.

The automaker aims to use the new crossover to appeal to a group of urban dwellers who cannot do without the current environment of technology connectivity in their vehicles. This is the reason why the automaker says the model will feature innovative technologies.


The Lexus UX Concept will ride on the Toyota’s new Global platform which already underpins the upcoming Toyota C-HR and the new generation of the Toyota Prius. From the sole photo available of the model, we can see that the model borrows its exterior look from the bigger NX.

In fact, it looks like a small NX with a very sporty stance. The model features huge wheels and beefed up arches. It also sports a huge rear bumper and thin taillights that look like fins towards the edges. Though the front is not clear as you can see from the photo, I expect the model to feature the unique Spindle grille flanked by slim headlights. Like the rear bumper, expect a gigantic and aggressive front bumper integrated with huge air vents.


Expect a very luxurious, comfortable and tech-riddled cabin to suit young urban dwellers. The automaker has confirmed that the model will feature latest technologies in the industry to give drivers a very engaged experienced.  According to the automaker, the cabin blends in traditional craftsmanship with high-tech automotive engineering. More information will be clear when the model makes its debut at the Paris Auto show. Therefore make sure to check back later for more information on the concept.


Engine and performance

Lexus is keeping details about the engine-lineup of the UX close to its chest. However, interior sources reveal that the model will be motivated by three drive-trains. They will include two, 4-cylinder petrol engines and a powerful hybrid drive-train that will use one of the petrol engines.


Price and release date

As mentioned earlier, the UX Concept will be unveiled at the upcoming Paris Auto show later this month, on 29th to be specific.  The model will enter into production shortly after meaning we can expect a production model in the second half of 2017 as a 2018 model car.

According to reports, Lexus has already trademarked three trim level names in the European Union Intellectual Property Office that the model will use; they are the UX200, UX250 as well as UX250h. As for the price, I expect Lexus to slightly undercut the Audi Q2 to make it more appealing to the young buyers.



The UX will compete with the Audi Q2, a product of Audi’s innovative designers who created a whole new crossover niche. In addition to the Lexus UX, the Audi Q2 should prepare for more competition as more automakers will certainly join the bandwagon in the coming months.

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