Toyota FT-1 Concept

We have heard rumors of a Supra successor and many of the rumors point to the Toyota FT-1 Concept as a possible replacement. With a name which stands for the “Ultimate Future Toyota”, the FT-1 might be the real successor if at all it reaches production. The automaker has showcased the concept in many auto shows since its debut in January 2014 at the New York International Auto Show.

Each exhibition features the model with minor improvements mostly incorporating suggestions from fans. Though the FT-1 was originally meant for the PlayStation game Gran Turismo, we believe Toyota is seriously considering taking the car into production.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Exterior

The styling of the FT-1 borrows from a number of cars. Its side glass and curvy side elements are borrowed from the Toyota 2000GT, its wraparound windshield looks like the one on the 2007 Lexus FT-HS concept while its nose’s central protrusion is similar to the TS030 LMP1.


Hints of the Lexus LFA and Scion FR-S can also be seen in the car’s other elements. At the front fascia is a pontoon nose and just below it you will see a grey splitter and two large air intakes. It will have narrow LED lights.  It also features air vents that also double up as ducts to help cool the front brakes.

There are additional air vents behind each rear wing which conveys hot air out of the engine. The tail is also excellently designed with a small spoiler that resembles a tail. It also features a large wing that rises on its slim supports automatically. Just below the spoiler are boomerang-shaped taillights and below the taillights is a deep diffuser and twin exhaust pipes. Its roof features a double-bubble look.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Interior

The interior is as excellently styled as the exterior. The center console and the dash board are mounted in a way that envelops the driver. The automaker’s steering wheel is F-1 inspired which enables the driver to focus on the driving all the time. An up-to-date head-up display will project information to the driver’s point of focus. Most of the vehicle’s controls are located on the steering wheel for maximum ergonomics.

Security wise, the Toyota FT-1 Concept which looks like a racing car could be hooked up with a helmet and roll cage for safety when running on the race tracks. However, we believe if it reached the production stage, the automaker would modify it to a production automobile with regular safety features such as a full package of airbags, antilock brakes, traction control and stability control among others.


Engine, Specs and Performance

The Toyota FT-1 is a concept car; as such there is no information on its power train. The automaker has confirmed the likely engine won’t be a hybrid but an internal combustion unit with a high-output if at all it reaches production.

From the dimensions of its hood, a V6 power-train is possible or the 2URGSE (IS-F) twin turbocharged engine with 650 hp, which accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds, and the top speed can reach is about 180 mph. However, we understand that Toyota is working jointly with BMW to develop an engine that will most likely find its way under the hood of this beast.


Price and release date

Since it is a concept vehicle, there is no official information on its price or release date. Be sure to visit for updates on this vehicle as we are following Toyota every move to see what it does with the FT-1. According to rumors the price of the Toyota FT-1 should be in the range of $ 60,000 to $ 100,000. First appearance front of an audience this concept car had at New York International Auto Show.


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