Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

Although Toyota holds the title of the largest automaker on earth, most of its models are usually boring. Toyota is, however, planning to change that by adding more sports cars to its lineup. We all know that the automaker will soon introduce a new generation of the Supra but before then, Toyota is set to showcase a new sports car in concept form at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month. The new concept is christened, the “ Toyota GR HV Sports Concept ”. It is however not clear whether the model will be positioned between the GT86 and the Supra or whether it will replace the GT86. More information will be available after its official debut.

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Exterior

The Toyota GR HV Sports Concept has a weird look which is derived from the Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid, a race car that competes in World Endurance Championship. The concept, in fact, derives its naming from the TS050. However, while the TS050 is made for track racing, the GR HV Sports concept is made to look good in the streets. To make it more appealing for the streets, the automaker also derived inspiration from the GT86, the automaker’s only sports car. The front fascia, in particular, mimics the race car; it is characterized by a sloping snout with rounded edges.  There are also elevated headlights that feature stacks of LED lights (two units are arranged horizontally below which are three vertical ones), a feature adopted from the LMP1 racer. The concept also has vents on the hood to channel air to cool the conventional engine.

On the sides, the concept features aluminum wheels same as those of the racer; however, the general look of the flanks mimics that of the GT86. At the rear, more TS050 look can be seen on the rear diffuser, character lines as well as the taillights.

The concept comes with a Targa top whose design is adopted from the Sports 800 “Yotahachi”, a coupe the automaker used to produce in the ‘60s and the current Toyota Supra hypercar.

The exterior design is finished off in a matte black paint that flaunts the concept’s aggressiveness and performance-orientation.


The cabin design of the GR HV Sports Concept borrows significantly from the GT86 including features such as a low seating position and its 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel. The cabin, however, has its own unique features including a horizontal layout of a button across the dash. The buttons are flanked by a brush-metal trim. These buttons are used to select among the model’s driving modes (Park, Neutral, Reverse and Drive). In addition, the model also comes with a manual gear shifter that has a 6-speed H pattern for use when you want to go more “hands-on”.

Designers of the model have also added a push-button ignition on the gear shifter. The center console features performance meters that have digital readouts and digital gauges on the instrument panel.

Engine and performance

Details of the concept’s drive-train are not available but the automaker revealed that the model will feature a performance-oriented drive-train whose technology will be adopted from the TS050. In terms of output, I believe it will be slightly above the GT86, probably in the 250hp range.

What we know is that the engine will be mounted in front but power will be channeled to the rear wheels using a 6-speed manual/automatic gearbox. The battery pack is mounted at the center of the model for better weight distribution.


The Concept looks good and I would love to see Toyota take it into production.

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