Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

There is an emerging trend whereby automakers are customizing their racing technology to fit road-going models. Already, several automakers have released road-going concepts and production models inspired by their racing models. For example, Red Bull Racing has partnered with Aston Martin to produce the Valkyrie while Mercedes-AMG has already showcased the “Project One”. These companies have used their Formula1 expertise to develop street-legal supercars that are as impressive as their racing cars. Toyota is also following in these footsteps; although Toyota does not participate in Formula 1 it takes part in FIA’s World Endurance Championship where its TS050 Hybrid Prototype has been performing excellently. From its experience in the WEC, Toyota has designed a new road-going supercar dubbed “Toyota GR Super Sport” which was showcased at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon in concept form. According to Toyota’s chairman, the Toyota GR Super Sport Concept will get into production in the near future. The concept is developed by the Gazoo Racing team and is heavily inspired by the TS050 that participates in the WEC.

Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

Toyota GR Super Sport Concept Exterior and Interior Styling

The Toyota GR Super Sport Concept looks ready to tackle the Le Mans circuit. The concept looks more menacing than the TS050 with its bodywork that is made up of carbon-fiber. The exterior design is characterized by a massive splitter at the front as well as a similarly large diffuser at the rear. The Gazoo Racing team has designed the concept’s exterior with the aim of maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and to enhance this it features a fill-width wing at the rear.

The road-going concept has huge side air vents for a street-legal car (only a few models can boast of larger units). The GR Super Sports Concept has huge flared wheel arches that accommodate its 18-inch “rollers” “dressed” in gigantic 330/710 R18 Bridgestone tires. On the sides, the GR Super Sports Concept has cameras in place of traditional side mirrors; two more cameras are mounted on the concept’s front fenders (they look as if they are floating in the air). At the rear, the place where a rear window normally occupies is taken by two exhaust tips which are mounted high.

The cockpit, on the other hand, looks tidy but I guess the current layout is only for show; it will undergo major changes for the production model.

Engine and Performance

Powering the GR Super Sports Concept is 2.4 L twin-turbocharged V-6 that combines with a hybrid system. This is the same setup used in the TS050 Prototype that broke the Le Mans record last season. The setup produces 986 hp (1,000 PS) just like the TS050 Hybrid Prototype. All this power is conveyed to the rear axle via a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

Toyota did not reveal performance figures of the concept but considering it is as powerful as the TS050, I believe it performs at the same level. However, considering it is a street-legal car, it will likely weigh more which will slightly lower its performance.

Release date

Although there is a high chance that a production-model is in the offing, it will take quite some time before it shows up; all we can do in the meantime is to wait patiently.

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