Toyota TundraSine

What is the best way to steal a motoring show? Many will probably say showcasing a very advanced autonomous car, a fully electric vehicle one with a long range, a model sipping some “alien” bio-fuel or even a futuristic looking model. But Toyota didn’t do any of that in the just concluded Specialty Equipment market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. Rather, the Japanese automaker pushed the term “full-size” to the extreme.

The automaker introduced a blend of its Tundra pickup truck and limousine to come up with a TundraSine pickup limousine; how about that! The new concept which is based on the 1794 Edition 4×4 CrewMax package brings on board, the power and versatility of a pickup and the comfort and luxury of a limousine.

I bet some young lads are all smiles having gotten the perfect machine to make a grand prom entry but they will be disappointed to learn that this is just a concept with little if any chances of reaching production.


Toyota TundraSine Exterior

When we say Toyota has taken the term ‘full-size’ to the extreme we mean it. As if the standard Tundra pickup is not long enough, Toyota designers added 90.2 inches to the already long truck to take the new length to an unbelievable 319.1 inches. The height and width still remain the same as those of the Tundra at 76.2 inches and 79.9 inches respectively. The new wheelbase stretches 235.9 inches. The curb weight has more than tripled from 2,288 lbs to 7,978 lbs.

To further stress its huge size, it is possible to park the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach model or the Bentley Mulsanne between the TundraSine’s axles. The vehicle also comes with 8 doors. The exterior of this beast is painted Midnight Black Metallic.


Toyota TundraSine Interior

A limousine is defined by its interior. It seems Toyota has thought about everything with the automaker’s marketing manager Steve Appelbaum going on to say that the TundraSine was unlike any other limousine in the market today.


The vehicle replaces the traditional sofa-like seats usually found on limousines with luxurious captain’s chairs on the second and third rows and retains a stock model’s bench seat on the fourth row.

The design is inspired by the cabin of private jets. It includes a brown leather upholstery and beige contrast stitching, real wood trim on door panels and on the dashboard as well as airplane-like tablets inbuilt on the armrests.


Engine Specs and Peformance

Under the hood of this monster of a vehicle is a 5.7 L, V8 unit that is capable of producing 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission system and power is channeled to all wheels.

Toyota didn’t reveal any details about the TundraSines engine fuel economy or acceleration. However, the engine delivers 13 mpg in city and 17 mpg on highway drives for the standard Tundra meaning the numbers are quite low on the TundraSine due to its increased curb weight.


Release date

The Toyota TundraSine is a one-off model meant for the SEMA show where members love creating extreme cars. However, you never know, the automaker might take the car into production for livery services. In my own opinion, Toyota would be insane to take this model into production for commercial purposes.

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