Toyota ViRA Concept

As I said months ago, you can never predict what comes out of the Toyota’s “cooking pot”. During the past year, we have seen many concepts, some depicting upcoming models while others are a vision of the future. Well Toyota is also set to kick start the year in style.

The Japanese automaker is set to release a concept of a vehicle that will likely end up in production though not I the near future. The automaker did the unexpected; they have combined the styling cues of the Yaris (Vitz in some markets) and those of the Rav4. The result is unlike anything you have seen. (In fact, it doesn’t even resemble the two).

The concept is named ViRA which is coined from Vitz and RAV4. Toyota describes the concept as a coupe which offers the practicability of an SUV.

Toyota ViRA Concept Exterior

Although the design is inspired by the RAV4 and Vitz, the new Toyota ViRA Concept looks like none of the two. Or anything we have seen from Toyota. The front fascia is very aggressive. Its grille design and headlights flanking it are similar to that of the Zenvo ST-1.

To add to this stunning front look are chrome inserts underneath its headlights, arched hood and muscular wheel arches. The flanks are outright sporty. It has a low and sleek roofline with no B-pillar. However, the lower windows have an aluminum piece surround that becomes a C-pillar as it nears the rear and then shoots upward to the roof. The ViRA concept also features a split roof with a body-colored panel at the middle.

At the rear, the concept has muscular fenders which integrate its vertical gills and slim, horizontally placed taillights. Its tail-gate is raked at an angle that makes it very aggressive resulting in a shooting brake-like look. The rear glass section extends downwards between the taillights like that of the Volvo C30.

To finish off the stunning design are gigantic, split-spoke wheels. The body is finished off in a metallic blue paint work. It brake calipers are also body colored.


Toyota ViRA Concept Interior

Toyota didn’t disclose any details of the ViRA concept’s interior styling. However, going by the exterior profile, the cabin will be very futuristic. Most likely, it will feature a wraparound dash and a large touch-screen placed at the middle, a fairly clean center stack and console as well as body-colored inserts.

Other features might include a flat-bottomed steering wheel and bolstered front seats which could also be heated, cooled and power adjustable. Its seats, shifter and steering wheel will most likely be wrapped in leather. Wood trim and Alcantara inserts will likely make it to the cabin.

Due to its lack of side mirrors, expect the ViRA to feature an additional screen to display images from cameras mounted on its doors.


Like the interior, Toyota didn’t say anything about its engine. But it would be injustice to hook up the vehicle with a conventional drive-train. As such, I expect the model to feature either a hybrid engine or a pure plug-in hybrid.

Going by the concept exterior profile, a plug-in hybrid seems most probable since the concept doesn’t have any visible exhaust pipes.



The Toyota ViRA Concept won’t make it into production, at least not anytime soon. However, the concept could preview Toyota’s future design language or be a preview of an upcoming crossover. We will let you know in case there are new developments on this ViRA concept.

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